Showered With Love – August 2013

With another baby on the way you definitely need to find the time to celebrate! The amount of love and support from family at Nevaeh’s baby shower was amazing. This was not your normal girls only baby shower. We decided to include men as well and its a good thing we did because it was so much fun! Lots of games were played including “don’t break your water”, which you can see Grandpa was having a blast playing! A baby poop game was implanted which, although gross, was really funny when guests started sniffing and even tasting the chocolate filled diapers. The best man, in their future wedding, won a game of “whose the father” – an adult version of pin the tail on the donkey! On the menu were burgers and platters of veggies, bowls of salads, and an awesome baby carriage made of fruit! Instead of a guest book we had all the guests write their messages for Nevaeh on a chalk board and took pictures of them with their encouraging words. A big belly cake was made by a good friend and cake pops with thank you tags were given out as favours. All in all this was a beautiful day with lots of laughs, love, and full bellies! xo

Inspired Theme: Baby Girl

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