Our Team

Chase Events didn’t build itself. Three passionate and courageous ladies helped add to its character and value. All three with unique personalities from each other, yet they all have one thing in common – shoes, they love shoes! Even if they sit in their closets all year round!



Meet Amanda…
Amanda is our principle coordinator and founder of Chase Events. In her personal life, Amanda is a mother  of two beautiful girls and wife to the love of her life. An ideal situation for Amanda would be sitting in a hot tub somewhere in the mountains with a bag of Oreos writing down her plans for the next big party in one of her favourite notebooks! She loves working with themed events as they fuel her creative side and inspire her uniqueness. As our principle coordinator, Amanda makes sure every event goes off without a hitch. Amanda is attentive, careful, and precise which makes her excellent at keeping track of all the details including the small ones. Give her a vision and she will create something magical!

Fun Facts:

  • Favourite Food: Oreos
  • Favourite Song: “I feel better when I’m dancing” by Meghan Trainor
  • Hobbies: planning, duh! & DIY Crafting!
  • Favourite Season: Spring
  • Hoarder of: Shoes, Notebooks, and Calendars
  • Favourite Series on Netflix Right Now: The Mindy Project
  • Nickname: Panda


Meet Melissa…
Melissa is our assistant coordinator and designer. At home she is an incredible mother of five – including twin girls! An ideal situation for Melissa would involve sipping great wine, bathing in the heat of the sun and listening to some great tunes with her feet up. With a busy household we don’t know how she does it but Melissa keeps her home in tip top shape! She executes plans and details to keep things organized and makes sure everyday goes smoothly. Melissa is our lead designer for the obvious reason that she creates, designs, and stages décor options that flow and capture the essence of every event. She has a great attention to detail and loves taking on a challenge!

Fun Facts:

  • Favourite Food: Breakfast – Bacon & Eggs
  • Favourite Song: “Coffee” by Miguel
  • Hobbies: 30 Minute Hit & Home Décor
  • Favourite Season: Fall
  • Hoarder of: Shoes & My Hot Wheels Collection
  • Favourite Series on Netflix Right Now: Santa Clarita Diet
  • Nickname: Simply Call Me Melissa!


Meet Roxanne
Dedicated to making big things happen and enjoying life with her love. An ideal situation for Roxanne would be kicking back somewhere warm with her love and drinking the best signature drinks around – obviously made by herself! Roxanne is our very experienced and very awesome bartender and event staff manager. She has the experience to provide you the best bar services around – she makes it fun and makes it right! She manages and trains experienced event staff to ensure they are the right fit for any party. Roxanne makes killer signature drinks and is always open to providing your requests as well – or create something new and exciting with Roxanne! Let Roxanne know all your drink needs!

Fun Facts:

  • Favourite Food: A Good Home Cooked Meal
  • Favourite Song: Anything That Gets Me On My Feet
  • Hobbies: Cooking & Baking
  • Favourite Season: Fall
  • Hoarder of: Shoes I Never End Up Wearing!
  • Favourite Series on Netflix Right Now: Stranger Things
  • Nickname: Roxy